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How to Turn Off Screenshot Preview on Samsung Phone(Android 14)

If you are an Android user you need to Turn Off Screenshot Preview on Samsung. So, you do not need to install any app because the app you want is available. The app you need for this feature is the settings app from which you can do anything. I will easily share the steps and the images because with the images it is somehow easy. This is for Android phones and it is for Android 14 If you don’t know about Android 14. So, wait here because, in the below paragraph, you will learn about Android 14.

So, wait here because you will learn about many things inside this guide. Now we will move to the Android 14 and I will share some of its features and about its usages.

Android 14 is the 21st version of Android that has been released. The main and good feature of this version is that your phone’s security will be very hard. And another one is that the Android 14 will improve your battery life. This is very good for any gamer because they can play games too much. If you are texting anyone every time and your fonts are somehow small so. The Android 14 will help you by making your font larger. You will find many other amazing features in the below paragraph you will find more about its feature.

Your camera will also be very improved and your camera will be very good and you can take good pictures for yourself. The other best thing is the flash notification when you have a text or a phone call. So, you would not notice that easily but Android 14 makes our work easier. Because, when you have any text or phone call so you will see the flashlight on. You should be notified about the notification. You will find too many features without these features when you install them on your phone. And, now we will move to the steps of Turn Off Screenshot Preview on Samsung.

Turn Off Screenshot Preview on Samsung

Now we will get to the steps of Turn Off Screenshot Preview on Samsung. You don’t need to concentrate too much because the steps are not too hard. But, you should only follow the steps because if you don’t. So, you may find any problem inside your phone. Before applying this feature to your phone, you should install Android 14 on your phone because this feature is only inside the amazing feature. I also shared some points about the Android 14.

1. Open your Settings app.

2. Tap on the Advanced Feature.

3. Then, Tap on the Screenshots and Screen Recorder.

4. Turn off the Show toolbar after capturing.

This is all about the Turn Off Screenshot Preview on Samsung. About the steps and the images of its steps. You will find this feature only on Android 14. And, this will work only inside the Samsung phone not any other. So, you dont need to try it on any other phone. Many of you dont know about Android 14 and I also shared some points about it. And, I shared some points about its features also and the features are amazing you will love the feature. Because the features are handy for all of us it will make our phone better.

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This is the end of this useful guide where you learned many things. So, I hope you get it without any problem with your phone. I shared some points for those who dont know about Android 14. You should check out the features because the features are amazing and too helpful. So, if you have any questions about today’s guide you should comment below and we will share that thing. That you have commented below and I think that you will not get any problem.

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