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How to Clear the Clipboard on Samsung Phone

When your mobile phone has some problems you may see some problems. Because of the clipboard you want to Clear the Clipboard on Samsung Phone. And you don’t know how you can clean that. So, you should wait here because today we will share that in an easy method. You may save or copy any word or anything else. So, the things that you will save will be automatically transferred into the clipboard. And because of that, you will find lag while typing something. If you are thinking about what a is clipboard I will share some points about that also. You should wait if you want to clean the clipboard and about the clipboard.

You need to know some points about the clipboard because someone doesn’t know. The clipboard is that thing when you copy or paste something. So, it will saved into a clipboard, and it will be copied also. You can the the clipboard as a pasteboard. Because when you copy and paste something it will go in the pasteboard or clipboard. The clipboard works like the memory because when you cut something from somewhere. So, that will go automatically into the clipboard. This is all about the clipboard you can say that pasteboard also. Now, we will move to the steps that how you can clear the clipboard.

Clear the Clipboard on Samsung Phone

Now we are on the steps of the Clear the Clipboard on Samsung Phone. If you follow the steps that I will share it will be very easy for all of you. You do not need to install any app to clear the clipboard. This feature will only work inside Android phones not any other. This may help you like when your clipboard is full. So, when you copy or cut something you may see some warning.

1. Open any texting app like Messenger, WhatsApp, and any other and open the keyboard.

2. When you are on the keyboard click on the Three Dots.

3. Then tap on the clipboard.

4. After that you will find your copied items.

5. If you want to delete you should press and select all of them and then tap on delete.

This is all about clearing the clipboard on an Android phone. Once you clear the clipboard you can clear the recycle bin also. You should follow the same steps if you want to clear the recycle bin. Without this ways, you may find many other ways to clear the clipboard. I shared the steps in full detail and with the images. Those things are important in the images I have marked it with the red arrow or circle. I hope you get it without any problem with your phone.

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This is all about clearing the clipboard or pasteboard. This article may help you easily clear the clipboard. You can see how the steps are easy for all of you. If you do not know about the clipboard so I shared some points about that also. I hope you don’t have any conclusions or questions about today’s guide. But, if you have so you should comment below. We will research them for you and we will share that with all of you.

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