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How to Hide WhatsApp Message Content in Notification Bar on Samsung

Suppose you always use WhatsApp and want to Hide WhatsApp Message in the notification bar. So wait here because today we will guide you about how to hide it. If you are texting someone and you want that no one should know about that. So this amazing feature of WhatsApp or Android is also very amazing. Suppose you want to do it inside your phone also. So it would help if you Hide WhatsApp Messages and follow the steps that I will show you in an easy method. If any of you don’t know about WhatsApp you will understand about WhatsApp also in this guide.

WhatsApp is a free messaging app you can easily find on any phone. If you want to add someone or you want to text it. First, you need to add your contacts after that you can text him or her or you can call. You will get it on any phone, in-app store, Play Store, or anything else. You might not pay any money inside the Play Store and app store. But, I think you will get it free because when I installed it I got it free.

So I hope that you will get the app for free. If you install this amazing app it may help you you can easily talk to your friend. But, this app needs wifi without it the app doesn’t work. It works but you can text anyone because of the wifi. But, you can still change your profile picture easily without wifi also and with wifi also.

Hide WhatsApp Message Content in the Notification Bar

Now you will learn how to Hide WhatsApp Message in the notification bar. You should follow the steps that I will share with you. The steps I will share are only for WhatsApp not any other because other apps have different ways. I will share the pictures because I only share the steps so you will not get well. I hope you get about the WhatsApp that what is that. And from where will you get it I have shared all of them in a paragraph. If you didn’t get the steps you should see from the picture that I will share.

1. Open your WhatsApp app.

2. Tap on the Three Dots.


3. Then select the Settings option.

4. Tap on Privacy.

5. Scroll down and tap on the Fingerprint Lock.

6. Enable the Unlock With Fingerprint and turn off the Show Content In Notification.

Hide WhatsApp Message



Now when you get a text from someone you can see that on the notification bar. The message content has been hidden by you in an easy way by yourself. The main points in the steps I have bold it for you guys because it should be easy to understand. You can see that I have shared quickly the steps for you all. If someone dont know what is WhatsApp. So, WhatsApp is a free app for the smartphone you have.

Inside this app, you can easily text your friend. Inside this app, you will find many good features and you can send emoji also to anyone you want. WhatsApp was founded in 2009 from that till now you will find many changes inside it. If you compare the past WhatsApp to the now WhatsApp you will find many good things.

Inside this app, you can choose your profile picture by yourself. Like, you can choose it from a very good gallery. Inside this app, you can create a group also where you can add anyone. If you create a group so you will be the admin you can add anyone and remove anyone by yourself. You will like one more feature of this that you choose only you can send text inside the group. Or, others should also can send a text. You can put the name of the group anything you want or anything you like. You can send a text in any language you want.

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This is the end of the guide I hope you have gotten it easily. The steps are many but they are very easy. If you make a group you can add 256 people to the group chat which is too much. If you are thinking about the storage it will take only 100MB. Billions of users are installed inside people’s phones. This app was published before the facebook was published. You can say that Facebook has copied from WhatsApp if we see about its messaging system. So, I hope you don’t have any problem but if you have you should comment below.

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