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How to Set Reminders on Samsung Galaxy Phones

If you want to go somewhere that is urgent, you Should Set Reminders on Samsung Galaxy. So don’t care because today in this guide you will learn about the reminders app that reminds you. This app is amazing It works like the clock app inside our smartphones. But, the clock app is for the time that in which time the alarm should sound. But, the reminder app is for the dates like on which date you want the reminder to sound. This is very good because if you have an appointment with any doctor or anything else.

So, this feature is amazing and because of that, the name of this app is a reminder. The steps are not too hard but one thing is important you should follow the steps I will share. Once, you use this amazing app you will know how good it is. The ones who have Android phones so they need to install it from the Play Store. But, about the Apple phones, I don’t know how they do it. To put any alarm inside the reminder you need to set it. Because without the setup the reminder app doesn’t work.

If you want to set up that is not too hard. You can set the alarm on any date you want the dates and times and many other things are in your hand. You can just name the alarm that it is this alarm for because sometimes you forget about the alarm.

Set Reminders on Samsung Galaxy

Now we will move the steps to set the reminder inside your app. I will share images also with the steps because if you didn’t get the steps you should do it from the pictures. I will try to share the steps easily. Inside the reminder app, you will find many other amazing features which are also helpful. The reminder and the clock app inside Android smartphones are all the same. But, the difference is that inside the reminder app, you can set up any dates that you want. But, inside the clock app, you can put a time alarm only this is the difference.

1. Open the Reminder app Tap the + icon.

2. Write down the name of what you should wake up for.

3. Set up the Date and the Time Correctly.

4. Pick a Place for your Reminder then tap on the save.

This is how you can just Set Reminders on Samsung Galaxy. If you didn’t get the steps, you should do it from the images because it is somehow easy. This feature only works inside the Android phone the other phones I don’t know. I shared it readily because you should get it. If your Android phone doesn’t have the reminder app you should install it first after that you should do it. You can set the alarm for anything like you can set it for your school, doctor appointments, and many other things. So, I hope you get it easily because the steps are somehow confusing.

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So, viewers, this is the end of this guide where you learn Set Reminders on Samsung Galaxy. I hope you get it without any problems with your phone. I shared some phone about the reminder app also that for what this app is used I hope you get all the main things in this guide. So, if you have a question about the day guide you should comment below. We will research it and we will share that with you. You will find it in many Android phones so you need to install it inside your phone.

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