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How to Turn on Flash Notification on Android 14

If you don’t know about the Turn on Flash Notification on Android 14. So, for that, you will find only one solution the flash notification. Inside the Samsung phone, you will find many features like this flash notification. This feature is very amazing because when the notification comes so you will not be attention. But, if you apply these features to your Samsung phone. So, you will see that you have a notification or any phone call. Because you will find the flash while notification or any other thing. Always, you can’t see the notification whenever the phone is on silent. So, you will not pay attention to that.

You think about how you can just Turn on Flash Notification on Android 14. So, you should wait some time because after that we will move to the next steps. Many people put their phone on vibrate but the vibrate is not good because you can’t know about the notification. You need to do the things that I share with you. If your phone’s flash is good you will be attention well. Now we will get to the steps of how you can turnĀ on Flash Notification on Android 14. I hope you will learn it without any problem with your phone.

Turn on Flash Notification on Android 14

We will teach you how you can Turn on Flash Notification on Android 14. So, I will share it in a very simple way for you guys. You should see from the picture and follow the steps also. If you want to get the flash notification on without any problem. So, you should just follow the steps that I will share. You don’t need to install any app for these features you can do that from settings. You should not try it on any other phone because they have different steps.

1. Open the Settings app.

Turn on Flash Notification on Android 14

2. Go inside Accessibility.

3. Tap on the Advanced Settings.

4. Then tap on the Flash Notification.

5. You will find two options Camera Flash Notification and Screen Flash Notification you can enable any of them.

This is all about how you can turn on the flash notification. I also shared the images with you all. If you didn’t get the steps you should follow the pictures. These features may help you that you should be attention when a notification comes. This guide is all about how you can turn on the flash notification on an Android phone. I hope you get it without any problem and the steps are very easy.

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This is the end of this important article. I hope you get it how you can just on the flash notification. I shared some points about the flash notification. About the advantages and the disadvantages. This is the end I hope you have turned on the flash notification without problems. But, if you have so you should comment below and we will research that and we will share it with you all. The pictures are very in detail and I think that you will get it very easily. I hope you get that Turn on Flash Notification on Android 14.


How You Can Setup The Flash Notification On Android?

So if you want to know how you can set up the flash notification. You can’t set up that the light should be bright or low. Only you can just turn on the flash notification the flash will be like your Android phone’s torch. You can do that from the steps that I shared.

How You Can Get The Flash When You Have a Text From Someone?

You are thinking about where you can get the flash when you have a text from someone. So, I have shared some steps that you need to follow. After that, you should turn on the feature. After that when you have any text from someone you will see the flash.

How You Turn on The Flash on Android?

If you are asking about the flash of your mobile you can turn on it very easily. But, if you thinking about the feature of the flash notification I have shared it. I have shared it in a very easy way and with the detail I hope you will get it.

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