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How to Speed Up WordPress Website (Updated 2023 Guide)

Easily Speed Up WordPress Website using 10Web Booster

Today we will share this step-by-step procedure on How to Speed Up WordPress Website. In the world of technology, everyone wants and prefers websites to load faster in order to save time. As a daily user of the Internet especially Google when we search on Google then there will be too many websites but if your website loads fast then the users will definitely visit your website and recommend it to other users. However, if you have an online business that is built on the WordPress platform then you have to optimize and speed up your website in order to rank it and attract users.

If you’re running a website whether it’s a business website or blog website then it should load faster than other websites because it will help your website to rank easier on Google and your visitor will be happier to visit your website again and again. There might be many issues with the website, but the major issue is your website speed because it’s the main reason that you are losing your traffic.

And Google algorithm says if your website is loading faster then it will definitely rank on 1st page and compete with the website which is loading slowly. So, in this case, you have to struggle with your website in order to make it load fast. Because speeding up websites is the main factor in online business.

You might be searching on Google or other search engines, and you’ll find many websites that show you how can you speed up WordPress website but most of them won’t work because they are not practical or outdated. It’s about three years of experience in blogging and website creation, we just found the best and proper way which will definitely help you in speeding up your website. You don’t need to go for a long procedure because it can be done in some steps. All you need to do is follow up on each step properly in order to speed up the WordPress website.

Speed Up WordPress Website

In this guide, we are not going to delete the unused plugins and delete the cache of the website because of its outdated methods. We will just use a free plugin that will optimize the speed of your website. Just go through the steps and Speed Up WordPress Website.

First of all, we have to check the speed score of the website on PageSpeed Insights.

Speed Up WordPress Website

Now, you have checked the speed of your website which is 69 on Mobile.

We will be using a plugin in order to optimize and speed up the website. For that, you need to login into you wordpress dashboard.

And scroll down and find plugins, and click on Add new.

Speed Up WordPress Website

Search 10Web Booster in the search bar and click on Install now.


Once it is installed, click on Activate in order to speed up your website.

Speed Up WordPress Website

When you activate it, it will take you to the next window. And there you have to click on the Sign up & connect option.

Speed Up WordPress Website
Sign up and connect

After that, you have to sign up with your Google account.

Speed Up WordPress Website
Sign up with your Google account

Once you signed up with your Gmail, on the next screen you may select any of the options which will describe your business. In my case, I will select Blogger.


Select how many websites do my manage, I will go for 11-20.


And wait for some moments, it will automatically start optimizing your website. The optimizing process will take 2 – 4 minutes.

Speed Up WordPress Website

If it is successfully optimized, it will show you the original score of your website and also the optimized score.

Successfully optimized

I hope it optimized your WordPress website and also Speed Up WordPress Website. Keep in mind that this method will 100% work because I have tested it on too many websites.

Some other ways to Speed Up WordPress Website

  • A good and premium web hosting: Hosting plays a vital role in speeding up your website. If you choose good hosting then you won’t face such issues. I would recommend you to buy hosting from Hostinger and Bluehost because these two are well-known companies.
  • Lightweight and premium Theme: Always try to purchase lightweight and premium themes because they will load faster. I strongly recommend you go for the Astra theme.
  • Keep your website design simple: If you design your website simple then it will load faster because too many styles will make the website heavy.
  • Delete Outdated plugins: Try to delete outdated plugins and unused plugins because your website will be heavy.
  • Optimize the images: Whenever you are going to upload an image in your post, make sure to optimize it and reduce the size. The size of the image must be less than 50KB.


I hope you have learned How to Speed Up WordPress Website (Updated 2023 Guide). If the methods have worked for you then please let us know in the comment section down below. And also if you know a better way than this make sure to comment down below.

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