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How to Use ChatGPT‌ as an App on Android &‌ iOS‌

How to Use ChatGPT‌ as an App on Android &‌ iOS‌, AI has been the main topic for many years. And recently an AI intelligence was launched by OpenAI whose name is “ChatGPT”. Since it was released by the company it catches everyone’s attention towards itself. This AI is capable of amazing things from writing you an essay to solving a bug. It was designed in a way that it generates human-like responses. But the capabilities of it are way beyond those of just generating human-like responses. It could produce various types of content, writing essays, poetry, Blogs, and Song lyrics.

But just like anything it has limitations too. Those who want to use ChatGPT could use it via its official website on a desktop. But for those who want to use it on Android and iOS. Don’t worry we have got you. This blog will guide you on How to Use ChatGPT‌ as an App on Android &‌ iOS‌. I assure you that after reading this article you will not regret clicking on this. And also that this is the best guide you will ever find. We tested so many websites related to this related. And combined the ways and techniques to bring you the best.

Is There a Dedicated ChatGPT App?

No there is no dedicated ChatGPT app yet. The only way you could use ChatGPT is to go to their official website and use it on your Android and iOS phones. This may sound inconvenient to you but this is the only way to unlock the capabilities of ChatGPT.

But if you are still searching on how to use ChatGPT as an app on Android and iOS phones. Then there are some developers who created their own version of ChatGPT based on the official API. So if you want to try we have listed some ChatGPT apps for the users to try.

Requirements to Run ChatGPT on Android and iOS

There are requirements you have to meet before you use the chatbot. So look for them before proceeding. And if you don’t meet the requirements then you have to get them.

1. OpenAI Account

The very important thing is to have an OpenAI account in order to log in to use ChatGPT. Creating an account is not going to be charged and is easy to create. So if you don’t have an account then just visit the official website of ChatGPT. Also, remember that you will need a phone number it is a part of the process. And once done you are good to use ChatGPT.

2. A Web Browser

This may sound basic, but you will need a fully updated Web browser for ChatGPT to function properly. In our guide, we will be using Chrome for Android and Safari for iOS. You could also use any other Web browser, as they should also work. But if you face any error then switch to Chrome.

How to Use ChatGPT‌ as an App on Android &‌ iOS‌

So with everything done let’s lead towards using ChatGPT as an app on Android and iOS devices. Just follow the steps carefully and you can use ChatGPT as an app on Android and iOS devices.

How to Use ChatGPT‌ as an App on Android

So to install and use ChatGPT on Android, you have to follow the steps given. We have suggested an app that is not the official app for ChatGPT. And also the next method is using a shortcut for  ChatGPT.

  • First, open your phone’s browser and search for the official website of ChatGPT. You could visit the website by clicking here.
  • Then click on “Try ChatGPT“, there are times when you will not see this step. Then just follow the third step.

How to Use ChatGPT‌ as an App on Android &‌ iOS‌

  • when you visit the website for the first time, you will need to sign in. Therefore you have to click on the “Log in” button. Then enter your email and your password. And click “Continue“.

How to Use ChatGPT‌ as an App on Android &‌ iOS‌

  • After that, you will see a disclaimer about the tool. Click”Next“, then click on “Done“.
  • And that’s it you can now visit the website and get the answers to your queries.

If you already have an account then there is no need for this part. So you just have to jump on the next part given below. And then just create a shortcut for yourself.

How to Create ChatGPT Shortcut on Android Phone

So the steps to access ChatGPT on your phone are simple. But opening the browser, again and again, can be tedious. So here we will show you how to create a shortcut on Android for ChatGPT. To add the website on your Home screen. So let’ start

  • First, open ChatGPT and click on the “three dots” in the upper right corner of your screen. Then click on “Add to Home Screen“.

How to Use ChatGPT‌ as an App on Android &‌ iOS‌

  • Rename the page and click on “Add” to convert the website into a widget. Then tap on “Add to Home Screen“.

How to Use ChatGPT‌ as an App on Android &‌ iOS‌

  • That’s it afterward if you ever wanted to use ChatGPT on your phone. Just click on the web app added to your home screen.

How to Create a Shortcut for ChatGPT on iPhone

So since the steps to create an account on ChatGPT are the same. So we have skipped that part. But as the steps to create a shortcut for ChatGPT on iPhone are different we have covered them in the below section. Just follow the steps to create a shortcut on your iPhone.

  • First, open the official ChatGPT website and click on the “Share” button in the Safari browser navigation bar.

  • And scroll till you see the “Add to Home Screen” button, and click on it.

  • Then just rename the page and click on the “Add” button.

  • Then you will that a web app has been created on your home screen. Next time use the web app to access it quickly.

How to use an App for ChatGPT on Android and iPhone

The app we have mentioned is not an official app for ChatGPT but still, you can use it on your mobile phones. Whenever you wanted to chat with ChatGPT it will redirect you to the website. So to use it on your Android and iPhone devices follow the steps;

  • First, Open Play Store or Apple Store on your device. For Android, it will be in Play Store, and for iOS it will be in Apple Store. Then type “ChatGPT unli” in the search bar.

  • And when it appeared click on “Install” and wait till it is installed.

  • When it is installed then click on “Open“.

  • Once you opened it click “Home” from the home page.
  • Then click on “Try for free“.

  • After that just ask anything from ChatGPT and it will give the answer. As you can see in the picture below.

Wrapping up

In this article, we taught you How to Use ChatGPT‌ as an App on Android &‌ iOS‌. I hope this guide provided you with what you were looking for. And also that this article solved your problem. If you had any kind of questions or suggestions then do tell us in the comment section. We would love to reach out to you.

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