Snapchat ‘My AI’ Chatbot: What Is It, How Does It Work, How to Use, and More

What is Snapchat AI and how to use it? Since last year after ChatGPT was introduced to folks. Since then every other company is trying to establish its AI. The best example is Bard AI which was launched by Google as a competitor of ChatGPT.

And now Snapchat has done the same thing. Snapchat has not developed its own AI but they have introduced an AI that is powered by ChatGPT. Snapchat is the first one in the race of social media to introduce an AI in their app. Snapchat announced its AI on Wednesday, at first it was announced in February but only for those who use Snapchat Premium. But now it is available for everybody.

So if you want to experience AI everywhere without entering any website. Now it is possible you could experience it and it is capable of various things. So let’s get deep into how to use it and how it works. You will learn all of it in this guide. So stick to it till the last to learn and access the full capabilities of “MY AI” on Snapchat.

We have covered many topics related to the ” My AI” of Snapchat. All the information and the topics are given below in the table of content.

What is Snapchat AI and how to use it?

Snapchat’s artificial intelligence ” My AI” is designed to bring Artificial Intelligence to social media. Now Snapchat users will be available to use ChatGPT’s powered ” My AI”. At first, it was only for the ones who were using Snapchat +. But since the previous Wednesday it was announced for everyone. And also they could use it to discuss a variety of things. And not just that it contains some additional features.

Snapchat AI is based on the 3.5 GPT model language. This AI works the same as other ChatGPT-like apps since it is based on the same thing. And also Snapchat said the more the user interacts with the AI, the more it will get to know. Which means the AI evolves as you chat with it.

What Can Snapchat’s ‘My AI’ Assistant Do?

Well, you could use this AI for chatting to pass your time. But however, you could also use it for various purposes. Like, it could recommend you Birthday gifts, write poems, and can also plan a Trip. Remember that this AI is not a fully portable version of ChatGPT. So it can write essays, blog posts or do your homework for you. Since My AI is introduced as a companion for Snapchat users. You could customize it and could give a name, you could also customize the wallpaper.

Also, it is worth noting as the company itself said that Snapchat’s AI is not perfect and very prone to errors. The company puts a sentence saying My AI “is prone to hallucination and can be tricked into saying just about anything”. This means that you could rely on this for primary information and should not take its answer seriously.

How to Use Snapchat ‘My AI’ Chatbot on iOS & Android

The new feature of Snapchat called”My AI” was first introduced to people in the U.S. As an experimental feature for Snapchat Plus Subscribers. Those who sign in for Snapchat + for as low as 3.99$ per month. And other Snapchatter in other countries had to wait for it. But then the company surprised everyone and announced it was free for everyone. So now you do have not to pay for Snapchat Plus to talk to the AI bot.

You will see” My AI” pinned above your chats by default. To access “My AI” swipe right from the “Camera” tab to enter the chat tab and click on “My AI”. You will not see its full potential or features of it because it is in its experimental stage. And also some of its features are only limited to Snapchat Plus users.

How to Remove Snapchat ‘My AI’ From Your Chat Feed

If you are not comfortable with “My AI” then you could go ahead and just remove it. You could unpin and could remove it entirely. To remove it you have to go through the steps given below. As we have given the detailed steps to remove it entirely.

  • First, you have to open your Snapchat and click on your profile(Bitmoji). Then click on the Settings icon from the top right corner.

What is Snapchat AI and how to use it?



  • Then scroll down to the Privacy Control section. Then select Clear Data and click on Clear Conversation from the next page.

What is Snapchat AI and how to use it?

  • From the Clear Conversation page click on the X sign next to My AI. To clear the My AI from your Chat Feed.

What is Snapchat AI and how to use it?

How to Remove Snapchat ‘My AI’ From Your Chat Feed For Android

  • First, open your Snapchat and click on your profile(Bitmoji). Then click on the settings icon.

  • Then scroll down to Account Actions and click on Clear My AI Data.
  • And just click on Confirm.

While initially at first Snapchat AI was only limited to Snapchat Plus users. But now widely it is used by everyone across the world. It is exciting to see how Snapchat is competing with ChatGPT’s best alternatives. To see Snapchat is the very first social media to introduce AI to its application. Well, what do you think about Snapchat adding its AI to its GEN Z messaging app? let me know your idea in the comments section.

Wrapping up

In this guide, we showed you What is Snapchat AI and how to use it? I hope that this guide solved your problem. And provided you with what you were looking for. If you had any kind of questions or suggestions then feel free to tell us in the comment section. We would love to reach out to you.

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Does the Snapchat AI Chatbot Store Conversations?

Yes Snapchat AI does store your conversations in the chat tab. The records remain there until you delete them. To you, it might seem like a privacy concern. But Snapchat servers are generally safe and your data should remain safe. But however, if are not okay with it. Then you could follow the steps given above to remove it from your chat feed.

What Other Data Can It Access?

Besides that Snapchat stores your interaction. It also stores your city-level location. The company claims that this data would be used to improve the AI. And also it will be used to improve company’s products and would provide more personalized advertising experience.


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