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How to Increase Your Typing Speed 2023

Easily increase your typing speed 10x

You’re typing speed can make a huge difference in your life. Let’s save all of that extra time that you have been wasting. In this Article: How to Increase Your Typing Speed 2023. You are going to increase your typing speed 10x.

Find Good Typing websites

The first thing you need to do is find a few good websites that will train you’re typing and really force you to practice typing luckily there are a bunch of really great sites out there that are completely free for you to use. Picking a good website is really important.

Some suggested sites that are the best ones that we have found are:

Find where to Start From.

If you are already typing it around 60 wpm and feel comfortable with the key positions, make sure to test yourself at the start of a lesson to find which fits you best. If you’re only at 40 wpm or even less.

Make sure to start at the basic levels so that you can learn the home row and other Keys a little bit better. The key here is to understand your own level and pick a spot in the training lessons that will allow you to grow the most.

If you find that you have a specifically lower typing speed with one letter while you’re good at other letters on your keyboard and both allow you to start learning at the most basic levels and allow you to build up.

Don’t Do This

There are also sites like That allows you to practice letter by letter. We highly recommend that you start at the level where you actually start typing real words. Once you have a feel for where the keys are located you should skip straight to typing words. This is because:

Firstly, you will get the super board from just typing arbitrary random letters that don’t even form a real word.

Secondly, none of those letters actually reflect much about your really typing speed, since in real life you’re typing out the full words. if you practice on real words right away you would be able to type quicker and much faster.

This is actually because you are building up muscle memory in your fingers. So, If you see the word “lasagna” on the screen you’ll be able to type it much faster than a bunch of letters. Because my brain can already know where to direct my fingers to go since it is reading a real word.

Test your Typing Speed

The next step is to find good testing sites that can give you the practice you need. The recommended ones is as under:

  • and are best because they provide you with much more information on top of typing speed and accuracy 10fastfingers also gives you data on your keystrokes and the number of words you got correct or incorrect in that minute.

Besides, You can find websites that don’t give many metrics or data, just your words per minute and the accuracy. They also just generate a lot of really basic random words. So, sometimes you may find that the test might be a little bit too easy and doesn’t actually reflect your real start typing speed.

Typing Tip

You must always look a few words ahead and allow your fingers to take over, while your brain is reading the words that are in front of you.

Another thing about this site is they bring up random excerpts from movies books or songs for you to type. It is actually pretty amusing to read what you’re typing in your test. Sometimes they even bring up motivational quotes which is always an extra fun

Switch your keyboards

If you are really picking up your typing speed. Then Change the keyboard you’re using. Because you’ll feel super uncomfortable when you’re switching to other keyboards and then you’ll be able to come back to your main keyboard. You’ll be able to type so much faster.

Ask me, you must constantly rotate between a bunch of different keyboards and you will find that you have greatly increased your speed on each one of them.

Perhaps, doing this process you’ll be able to find a keyboard that fits you best. Since everyone likes different types of keyboards I am a fan of mechanical keyboards (I used the mechanical keyboard to type these vary Articles).

Play Typing Games

Not all of your training process has to be extremely hard. Games are a great way for you to increase your typing speed while having fun at the same time. One of the most popular sites is:


Which is basically a typing racing site, where your speed is represented by a little car and you make your way through the race by competing with other typists. On this website, you’re usually typing excerpts from media just like with

Another site is Which is a great site that is been designed pretty well. Your typing represents a spaceship that shoots a laser at multiple asteroids and objects that come flying in your direction each linked with different words. You can also get bonus points by typing individual letter sometime.

Again this is really great in my opinion since you’re not wasting time by typing random letters you’re actually forming real words.

More Practice

To truly become a pro over a period of time as short as a week you must make sure that you’re able to follow all of these tips while intermingling them at the same time. Spend a lot of time during your day typing and for sure that you’ll be able to increase your typing speed make sure that once you get comfortable.

Reach the training website and go straight to typing tests. Take around 20 tests in a row without brakes in between and then pause for about a minute or two and repeat the process.

Think of it as boot camp training for your fingers or your brain or a workout that has sets and reps and make sure to continue repeating this process so that your brain can get used to it. Surely said that, if you put in all of the efforts you will be able to get the results, you are looking for.

Typing is something that requires a lot of practice and shaping up you need to practice your muscle memory and train your fingers to respond to signals in your brain as quickly as possible. It is not always an easy task but you’ll be able to do it if you put your mind to it.


Make sure you never go a day without practicing. This is just like working out, you don’t want to get out of practice as your muscles will slowly deteriorate themselves so spend many hours per day working on building your skills to get bulked up as quickly as possible.

A reminder of the topics:

  • Find Good Typing websites
  • Find where to Start From.
  • Don’t Do This
  • Test yourself
  • Switch your keyboards
  • Play Typing Games
  • More Practice

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If you have any kind of questions please ask in the comment section.

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